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Acoustic Performance

A day in the life 1024 683 i Wall

A day in the life

As we continue with this series, we’ll be introducing you to members of our company’s staff. By showing you their typical day, you’ll get an insight into how the internal wheels of i Wall grind and how we work to…

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Defining your look – Industrial style 1024 800 i Wall

Defining your look – Industrial style

It’s time to redesign your space, but what look is best for you? Some will go into a project with a clear, defined image of exactly what they need to look around to find their style inspiration. At i Wall,…

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Glass office partitions – 3 considerations 1024 640 i Wall

Glass office partitions – 3 considerations

Acoustic Performance In today’s modern office environment acoustic privacy is increasingly important. Creating quiet spaces or meeting rooms for confidential discussions is a key requirement and knowing that the chosen partitioning system will perform well acoustically is essential. Acoustic Test…

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What is acoustic performance? 1024 640 i Wall

What is acoustic performance?

For an informed and accurate comparison of the acoustic performance of similar glass partitions systems, it is vital that the laboratory tested Rw (dB) value of each system is analysed. This will provide a fair contrast when reviewing or specifying…

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