Defining your look – Industrial style

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Defining your look – Industrial style

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It’s time to redesign your space, but what look is best for you?

Some will go into a project with a clear, defined image of exactly what they need to look around to find their style inspiration. At i Wall, we know that inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Our own transom glazing products were inspired by East London industrial trend, which can be spotted around Shoreditch High Street.

Defining our look with the industrial theme, often means exploring the buildings original features – think exposed brickwork, original timber flooring and paneled glazing. The ethos of the industrial design is raw and edgy. Deeply rooted in buildings which were left derelict after the industrial revolution. It is a celebration of your building’s original design elements. Even if you’re working with a black canvas, these themes can easily be evoked with some creativity.

A key element to the industrial look is slim, black framed glazing, first made popular in the Art Deco’ era when factories turned apartments or offices were built. i Wall’s transom glazing enables you to achieve this vintage aesthetic, while maintaining essential modern building requirements. Our transom glazing has slender framework and striking bands and lends itself to a multitude of environments.

The system gives you the opportunity to get by adjusting both the spacing and width of the mullions and transoms and using different angles and patterns.

A variety of infill finishes are available. The system is ideal when combined with frameless, all glass doors, which can have banding applied for a consistent look.

Defining your look matters, here at i Wall Ltd we can help you understand which look suits your environment. The key looks we offer are; industrial, contemporary, dynamic and bespoke. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.