What is acoustic performance?

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What is acoustic performance?

What is acoustic performance? 1024 640 i Wall

For an informed and accurate comparison of the acoustic performance of similar glass partitions systems, it is vital that the laboratory tested Rw (dB) value of each system is analysed. This will provide a fair contrast when reviewing or specifying apparently comparable systems, in addition to providing peace of mind that the chosen system has been rigorously tested and officially certified.

All of i Wall’s systems are fully tested and certified in UK laboratories and full test reports for each of our products are available.

The acoustic tests are conducted on full height, multi-module screens with glazing joints and perimeter track-work; not simply a “window” in a smaller sized opening.

i Wall have a thorough understanding of our market and an appreciation that each of our clients has a unique set of requirements. Our products have been meticulously created with an end user needs in mind.

Today, clients want and need exceptional performance when it comes to acoustic sound insulation within office environments. With the on-going requirements for pre-dominantly open plan office space, there is a growing need for quiet office rooms and meeting rooms with controllable acoustics for confidential conversations to take place. Consequently the acoustic performance of glass partitions has been increasingly important.

At i Wall, we’re not just focused on the aesthetic glass partition elements alone. It is vital for our doors to perform, so we can offer complete systems that are carefully designed, expertly engineered and rigorously tested.

Our products are what set us apart: our installations reinforce the difference, our service and support makes us outstanding.