Why you should consider partitioning as part of your office fit out

Why you should consider partitioning as part of your office fit out

Why you should consider partitioning as part of your office fit out 1024 640 i Wall

You will need to think about current layout and facilities in the office and how you can improve these. There is nothing worse than an office space where employees (especially from different departments) are sat in close proximity often with distracting results. This is perhaps why you should give proper consideration to office partitioning as part of your office refurbishment.

Partitioning enables you to create subtle, yet seperate work spaces for employees. This is without going to the hassle and expense of creating extra rooms or putting up permanent partition walls. By having seperate workspaces it enables employees to concentrate more fully on their tasks therefore increasing productivity and efficiency.

If your employees are required to use the phone then the partitioning will help to cut out the distracting noise of other people talking, meaning you are better able to concentrate on your own tasks. As the partitions are not forming completely seperate spaces eveyone can still feel part of the team and communicate with others when required. However, they still have a degree of privacy so can get on with work even if others are talking.

Another benefit of partitioning is that it can easily be moved around. This means if you need to change the layout of the office, if for example a new desk is added, the partitioning can be moved to accomodate this. The partitioining can also be added to if your business grows, meaning it is a flexible solution.

Partitioning can take various forms from small partitioning between desks to larger glass partitioning. If you want a seperate office space then glass partitioning is ideal as the glass allows light flow meaning the rooms feel spacious and staff do not feel isolated as they can see into (or out of) the partitioned area.

With all the different options of partitioning available for your office fit out it is often worth discussing it with an expert. An office refurbishment can be a large and stressful job to do on your own so utilising the skills of an expert makes it a little easier. Just get in touch, we have a dedicated team, of experts ready to answer your partitioning questions.