iWall help build the new Grenfell “Opportunities and Learning Hub”.

iWall help build the new Grenfell “Opportunities and Learning Hub”.

iWall help build the new Grenfell “Opportunities and Learning Hub”. 1024 683 i Wall

The Grenfell Tower disaster shocked a community in June 2017, when a fire broke out in a block of flats and destroyed the entire tower.

It rocked the community but they pulled together, supporting individuals and families through this tragic event.

The Curve Community Centre has and continues to provide a safe, welcoming space for families and individuals from across the North Kensington area who feel affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. They aim to provide this support in a way that puts people first, and that is shaped and led by the community and those most affected by the tragedy.

The support and services they offer range from practical focused advice about emotional well-being, support workers, housing, NHS and employment, to courses, sessions and community-led activities that support both collective and personal recovery for children, young people and adults. Through this, they aim to serve all parts of the community and all faiths. The Curve supplies the support and advice you need no matter what stage of the journey you are at.

ConnecMe2 (https://connecme2.com) is a community partner that operates out of the Curve. They believe there is a lot of untapped talent within our communities and support residents “to profile their potential” by matching them to people and businesses who can nurture and engage with beneficiaries’ hidden talents.

Their team has been providing CSR initiatives to the great and the good for the last 7 years, with a particular focus around helping people map their pathways and profile their talents. They do this through collaborative learning initiatives – purposeful and tailored programs which enable users to showcase their learned experiences and skill sets, using a mix of live work place experiences and guided learning.

As advocates of social media ConnecMe2 encourgae their beneficiaries to build positive online records of achievements, that they call route-maps. ConnecMe2 is part of a tech accelerator that is building their platform where the route-map will be housed. This will enable beneficiaries to share their newly gained experiences with their peers and benefactors online. The vision for the app is to build a mobile community that will allow engagement which is fair and accessible for everyone, connecting people to opportunities that would otherwise be lost or wasted.

i Wall became involved in the Curve Community Centre when they offered to collaborate with ConnecMe2 to partition off a section of the centre and build a brand new learning and opportunities area for residents of the community. This would make it possible for more people to drop in and use The Curve to assist on their career path. This area is known as the Opportunities and Learning Hub and many community partners and trainers are really grateful that the additional resource has been created to enable them to support residents to get on and build their vocational future.

i Wall volunteered to co-ordinate this project with suppliers offering their help and materials for free to this worthy cause.

The new area within the community centre looks stunning. The newly designed Curve logo, the shape and design of the room and wall murals were the brain child of the Interior Design and Architect students from the local Kensington and Chelsea College. Working in collaboration the college built this live project into the course syllabus allowing the students to interact with many of our partners who provided them with working knowledge on how professionals approach the challenge in building the new space. They were given feedback on their drawings and saw their concepts come to life. We hope the live project experience aides them well as  they enter the design and architecture industry.

This area will no doubt transform The Curve and help countless community residents progress careers.