A day in the life

A day in the life

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In this series, we’ll be introducing you to company staff members. By showing you their typical day, you’ll get an insight into how the internal wheels of i Wall grind and how we work to produce the best service and products possible,  to deliver on the promises we make to our clients.

In this installment,  you will meet David Sutton, Design Lead from our Wiltshire Head Office. David has been with the company for 19 years.

My primary role is to play a part in ensuring the department runs smoothly, offering accurate technical advice across our range of partitions and producing job specific drawings for client approval.

Another core element of my role is building relationships with potential clients regarding all our partitioning range and establish if we can help.

My day generally begins with assessing the live workload and discussing larger upcoming projects. We also discuss issues that may have arisen from the previous day and share suitable solutions to ensure project issues get fixed. Sharing knowledge is the key aim within our company.

Creating design and CAD drawings  for individual partitions or a whole system from our partitioning range for clients’ projects is the area of my role I enjoy the most. I start the design process using Autodesk Autocad which enables 2D sketches, based on client’s drawings/plans/scope of works, these then get tweaked throughout the design phase so they are exactly what is required by the client come the delivery phase.