Glass partitions – A great addition to any office

Glass partitions – A great addition to any office

Glass partitions – A great addition to any office 1024 640 i Wall

Times are changing and many companies are starting to see that they aren’t as effective as first thought. Recent studies suggest that open plan offices don’t boost productivity as much as people thought. Glass partitions however, are an excellent solution to overcome potential problems companies are facing due to previous trends.

The difficulties of open plan environments.

Although open plan environments offer brighter more pleasant working surroundings whilst allowing freedom of movement enabling staff to move from one part of the office to another, it can cause problems in terms of concentration capabilities and therefore productivity. Glass partitions can offer the best of both worlds, open plan whilst providing the missing advantage of closed off office areas.

There are a number of benefits to glass partitioning . Firstly, they make a great first impression, due to their gratifying aesthetics. Secondly, they maximise the amount of natural light creating the appearance of a bright and airy space. Thirdly, glass partitions can be easily installed with little disruption and are demountable and relocatable should you need to move offices in the future. Finally, they effectively reduce and block noise caused by a busy open plan office environment. Double glazing ensures the prevention of noise pollution very effectively.