Tailored product designs by i Wall

Tailored product designs by i Wall

Tailored product designs by i Wall 1024 647 i Wall

Our wide range of standard systems fulfill the majority of the performance criteria cited by our clients, even when demanding acoustic attenuation or fire integrity is required. However, as a company we are keen in helping designers realise their more daring vision and bring them to life by providing complex, bespoke solutions.

The journey begins with i Wall team understanding the design intent, parameters of the specification and offering innovative solutions with a plan, section and detailed drawings.

Once a direction is established, i Wall will utilise a number of advanced technical procedures to ensure the smooth running of the project. A highly detailed drawing of the project allows both the client and i Wall to visualise the completed product and helps to make informed design and installation decisions right from the outset.

With the design agreed, fabrication of the components begin, an then it’s finally installed by our own highly skilled operatives on site.

This level of commitment has helped us deliver a number of truly bespoke partitioning systems for many clients.
We are currently involved in a number of projects with special requirements that keep our team challenged and invigorated.

If you would like more information on bespoke products please email: enquiries@iwall.co.uk