Case Study

Project Specifications

The Situation

Xmos is a fabless semi-conductor company based in the heart of Bristol. The company develops embedded solutions that enable people to control electronic devices in their homes, cars and work environments in the most natural way possible, with their voice.

Amarelle led the design of this space for Xmos, which hits on the future of technology, a space that shows off their voice activation hardware and brings this technology to life within the space.

A space was created that was a very comfortable environment with high performing acoustics alongside ensuring their brand was significantly identifiable.

At A Glance

  • i Wall Project Value: £25,000
  • Design Fit-Out: Amarelle
  • Client: Xmos, Bristol
  • Project Duration: 4 weeks
  • Size: 7,000 sq ft

“The iWall team were professional during the entire fit out. Everyone is pleased with the innovative space created.”

We Made It Happen

Our Solution

i Wall 110 Framed Single Glazed full height, floor to ceiling, which can achieve up to 40dB.

i Wall 110 door sets, full height door frame complete with laminate door leaf, brush seals, bat wing seals, acoustic glass 150 x 1500mm vision panel. This can achieve up to 41 dB.

The Benefits

The client was delighted with this project. The office space was impactful and reflected Xmos’ brand identity throughout the space.

The new office look has boosted staff confidence and motivation, giving employees the flexible work space they needed, allowing greater well-being.