Case Study

Project Specifications

The Situation

i Wall was very lucky to be involved in such an inspirational and diverse project for Anomaly, the London based ‘Ad Age’s 2017’ Agency of the year.

Since Anomaly’s ethos is about being ‘unreasonable’, it’s only natural that they wanted their fit out to be anything but bland. It was hardly an everyday city fit-out!

Much of the raised floor has been left exposed as metal surfaces and the idea of “raw and cooked” works for all material choices including i Wall’s transom style glazing, which complemented the overall industrial look.

At A Glance

  • i Wall Project Value: £13,500
  • Design Fit-Out: WT Interiors
  • Client: Anomaly
  • Project Duration: 4 weeks
  • Size: 4,000 sq ft

We Made It Happen

Our Solution

i Wall 110 framed single glazed full height, floor to ceiling, which can achieve up to 40dB was installed with the transom style bars to continue and build on the industrial look that Anomaly has created.

i Wall door sets, single glazed, full height door frame complete with drop seal and lock set.

All completed in RAL 9005 Matt.

The Benefits

The images speak for themselves. The office space has been very well received as it fits in totally with the company’s ethos.

Each area is being well utilised and is making a great impression on new clients and visitors.

It is also having a very positive impact on the employee’s productivity and well-being.